Former ESPN Reporter: I Was Demoted For Being White

In a now-deleted tweet, former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry claimed that she was "demoted" by the network for being white.

McHenry, in some sort of Twitter dispute, brought up her past work at ESPN when one user suggested she was demoted for her poor work, sarcastically writing, "Whose coverage was so good she was demoted from covering football then let go from all the impressive work she did."

“I was demoted because I was white & I made too much. First to go,” replied McHenry, now a contributor for Fox News channel and conservative site The Federalist.

The tweet was quickly deleted but a screen-grab of the exchange can be seen below:

According to The New York Post, in another apparently deleted tweet, McHenry doubled-down on the claim and suggested a tell-all book in the future. “Trust me, I wouldn’t make a claim without proof. One day in a book. One day soon,” she wrote.

McHenry was let go by ESPN in 2017. She has previously suggested her openly conservative views were at the heart of her firing.

Later speaking to Deadspin, McHenry clarifed the comments, saying she believed "there were a number of factors into laying me off," adding, "I wish nothing but the best for the people there."

Former ESPN colleague Jemele Hill captioned a tweet from Compex reporting on McHenry's claim with a harsh "LOL."


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