More Kanye Hilarity: 'New Yorker' Cartoons With Kanye Tweets

As his leftist celebrity peers lose their collective minds over his dragon energy-infused free thinking about MAGA, Kanye West — who has not lost 9 million followers for saying he and Trump are brothers — has continued to blast out tweets about "love," "hate," and loving and hating MAGA.

He's also posted out some hilarious/bizarre New Yorker cartoons with their text replaced with his tweets that are guaranteed to help you get through post-lunch work and free up your thinking:

Right before his New Yorker cartoon series, Kanye posted a back-and-forth between him and John Legend that shows what happens when celebrities actually stand their ground against their progressive peers: their critics back down.

In case you missed the tweet that started it all, here's Kanye declaring to the world that he and Trump are "brothers" who are both "dragon energy":

In its report debunking with great disappointment the myth that Kanye had lost a third of his Twitter followers almost instantly after that tweet, The Verge declared that Kanye — the man who said George W. Bush didn't love black people — has now officially become an "alt-right internet troll."

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