This One Fact Explains Why College Students Support Bernie Sanders

If you’ve been wondering why so many college kids have been “feeling the Bern” over a white-haired 74-year-old senator, we have your answer. Besides the promises of free college, loan forgiveness and legalized marijuana, Karl Marx's "Communist Manifesto” has been found to be the most taught text by economists on college campuses.

The Open Syllabus Project analyzes the data from all syllabi publicly posted “primarily from the U.S.” from “the past decade or so.” Each time a text is mentioned it is counted and assigned a “teaching score,” which represents the “frequency with which a particular work is taught.”

“The Communist Manifesto” was most frequently taught by economists, receiving a total count of 3189 and a “teaching score” of 99.7. The overall data from all professors revealed that only “The Elements of Style,” a common writing guide by William Strunk and “The Republic” by Plato were more assigned than the Karl Marx classic.

And if if that's not frightening enough, per Market Watch, the Bible did not show up in the data at all but Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" received "a count of 697 and a score of 75.7" and Vladimir Lenin’s “What Is To Be Done” “received a count of 361 and a teaching score of 45.9.”

So there you have it, the mystery is solved. Millennial snowflakes are crazy for Bernie because they have his crazy ideology crammed into their impressionable brains at every chance their liberal professors have to indoctrinate.

Ironically, some millennial Sanders supporters were most “sick and tired” of hearing that their elderly savior was actually a "communist Nazi." Interesting.

And one last reason why the youth are attracted to old man Sanders, "He embraces the most feminine energy of any candidate."

In other words, we’re all screwed for the future.

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