George H. W. Bush Admitted To Intensive Care. Here's What We Know.

A statement from the office of George H. W. Bush said the former president was admitted to intensive care at Houston Methodist Hospital on Sunday morning.

Mr. Bush had contracted an infection that spread to his blood. "He is responding to treatments and appears to be recovering," reads the statement that was released Monday evening.

Bush laid his wife of 77 years, legendary former First Lady Barbara Bush, to rest over the weekend. Mrs. Bush was 92 years of at the time of her passing. The two first met in 1941 at a school dance and shared a remarkable love affair that was enshrined in touching love letters.

The former president, now 93 years old, was last in intensive care in January of 2017 for a total of six days due to respiratory issues stemming from a case of pneumonia.

The Daily Wire will provide updates on Mr. Bush's health as they come in.


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