Woman Who Has Had Four Abortions: 'It Does Get Easier With The More You Have'

An article published by the BBC, a network that has been accused of being pro-abortion, gave a voice to one woman who has had four abortions and was interviewed by Marie Stopes UK, the Planned Parenthood of Great Britain. The woman said, “It does get easier with the more you have.”

The BBC article revolved around a survey taken by Marie Stopes UK which found that the percentage of women having a second abortion had jumped from 31% in 2002 to 37% in 2012. Of women who said they had already had an abortion, “74% admitted they had had one previous abortion, 25% said two, and 1% reported three previous abortions.”

But it was “Lisa,” who had undergone four abortions (the first at age 18, then bearing a daughter at 20 before three more abortions before she turned 23), who offered the most disturbing anecdotal evidence. She stated that abortions are wrong, but added, "With the first one, you don't know what's going to happen. You're scared and anxious. But once you see all the other women there, it doesn't make you feel that bad. And it does get easier with the more you have. I know that sounds really bad, but that is just how it is."

Two of her pregnancies were the result of brief relationships while the other two came from a relationship with a man who was drinking and out of a job. Lisa added:

I was really careless. I can't blame anyone else. I should have been more responsible, because I've killed a life now. And it wasn't that baby's fault. I thought that if I could tell my story, maybe young women would think twice about having sex without contraception, or sleeping with guys they don't really know. I want to tell other women that abortions aren't just something you should do. It could change your life.

Lisa admitted, “I've tried the pill, the patch, the injection, the coil and the implant. And they didn't work. I bled continuously while I was on them. And the coil gave me pains, so I had to take that out after a month. No one wants to keep on having terminations - so I have tried different methods of contraception but they don't seem to work for me."

Yet Lisa concluded that she did not have any regrets, saying, "I don't think abortion is all right at all. But I did what was best for me and my daughter at the time. I don't want to have three or four kids, by three or four different dads."


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