WATCH: Sen. Susan Collins Delicately Slams Comey Over Book

On Sunday, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” During her segment, host Chuck Todd asked her about James Comey and his tell-all book titled “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership.”

TODD: What do you make of James Comey, and what do you make of the – what’s the lesson now you’re taking away from the, perhaps, what advice you would give a future FBI director by watching James Coney, and his book tour, and how he’s handled all of this?

COLLINS: Well, if I were advising a future FBI director, I would say two things. One, always follow the Department of Justice's protocols and guidelines, which unfortunately James Comey did not do [with] the Hillary Clinton investigation, and he did not do when he leaked documents that were FBI work documents to a friend of his, knowing that they would go to the press. So that would be my first advice. Second would be, don't write a book in the middle of an investigation that's ongoing.

TODD: Do you think this is potentially disruptive to the Mueller probe?

COLLINS: That's what worries me. I cannot imagine why an FBI director would seek to essentially cash in on a book when the investigation is very much alive. He should have waited to do his memoir.

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