Trump Hits Out At Comey Over Classified Memos, Questions Mueller Probe

The President questioned why the Special Counsel was needed.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, President Donald Trump attacked former FBI Director James Comey for allegedly leaking classified information to a friend so that that friend could leak the same information to the press.

Suggesting the probe began only after Comey revealed White House secrets, Trump also questioned the legitimacy of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

Sunday morning, Trump followed up with a second string of missives, referencing a potential GOP investigation into whether Comey deliberately sent what he knew to be classified information to a lawyer friend.

Comey admitted during his testimony before the Senate last year that he had submitted several memos to a Columbia Law School professor so that the professor could turn around and send those same memos to The New York Times. Comey told the Senate panel that he'd hoped the memos would catalyze an investigation into whether Trump collaborated with Russian officials to throw the presidential election.

At the time, the action seemed more vengeful than problematic; Comey was looking to clear himself of suspicion that he had re-opened the Clinton email investigation just days before the presidential election in order to derail a Hillary Clinton win, but now the Department of Justice says it's concerned Comey improperly shared classified documents. Comey himself admitted last week that some of the information he passed on to his friend had to be redacted.

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