Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s official statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day was missing one thing: any mention of Jews. Given the centrality of Jews to the Holocaust - no other ethnicity or race was targeted for complete elimination - it is noteworthy that Trudeau would omit them in such a brief statement.

Perhaps Trudeau subscribes to the leftist vision of Holocaust analysis, in which a highlighting of Jewish suffering in the context of the Holocaust comes at the expense of acknowledging the suffering of other groups; ethnic, racial, or otherwise.

The left-wing’s vision of radical egalitarianism extends to historical analyses of suffering, in which it is unfair to focus on oppression faced by one group if the focus is perceived to erode the suffering of another group.

In an era in which victimhood is a valuable social and political commodity - a cottage industry of professional grievance-mongering based on false social/historical/economic premises has arisen - Trudeau seems to be toeing the “politically correct” line with respect to the Holocaust. He is ensuring that no group is elevated above another, even when it comes to an informal hierarchy of hardship.

Recognizing the centrality of Jews to the Holocaust would, according to the aforementioned vision, come at the expense of recognition of misery that befell other European nations like Poles and Russians, groups like homosexuals and the disabled, or other ethnicities like the Roma.

Trudeau's Twitter account, managed by his staff, did make a mention of anti-Semitism with respect to its tweet about Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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