DISCRIMINATION: Parkland Family Member Slams Twitter For Bias, Not Verifying Accounts

UPDATE: From the time that work on this report began, Twitter has since verified the account belonging to Andrew and Hunter Pollack.

On Monday, a family member of one of the victims from the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School called out Twitter for its bias against pro-gun members of the Parkland community.

Hunter Pollack, who lost his sister Meadow Pollack during the shooting, called out Twitter on Monday night after the social media company refused to verify his and his dad's accounts. Both Hunter and his father Andrew have been on national television, traveled to the White House to meet with the president, and have been highly active in working with lawmakers to find solutions to prevent more tragedies like Parkland from happening in the future.

Pollack tweeted: "I have asked Twitter to verify my account and my dad's account (@AndrewPollackFL) and they have so far not responded. Twitter has verified nearly all the accounts of the pro gun control students and activists from Parkland, Florida but not our accounts. cc: @leslieberland"

Immediately following the Parkland shooting, Twitter verified multiple students who were calling for gun control and pushing Democratic talking points not even related to gun control.

It took a couple of weeks before the social media giant verified conservative Kyle Kashuv, which was prompted by a tweet from The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro who called out the media's bias.

Twitter is known to have a strong bias against conservatives as James O'Keefe's Project Veritas caught Twitter employees admitting that they censored conservatives.


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