WATCH: CNN Law Enforcement Analyst Torches Comey, Embarrasses Stelter

On Sunday, CNN law enforcement analyst and former FBI Special Agent James Gagliano embarrassed CNN host Brian Stelter, slamming former FBI Director James Comey over his new book.

Stelter, an apparent Comey supporter, was ecstatic at the possibility of having Comey give more information on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, NewsBusters reported.

After Stelter hyped Comey's interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, Gagliano dropped the hammer on Comey, calling him a "feckless leader."

“The issue I take with him, and many former agents and those on board, current on boards take this issue, James Comey is still an FBI employee,” Gagliano said as he explained why Comey's actions were against DOJ policy. “He's discussing matters that are relevant and salient to an open or ongoing investigation or case. I.e., the Russia probe. I.e. the Inspector General's probe. I.e., a number of different congressional probes still going on right now.”

“He's a feckless leader,” Gagliano continued. “He testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee he wished he’d been stronger but he wasn't.”


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