California Democrat Deletes Creepy #Cannabis Tweet To Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv

Kyle Kashuv, one of the only pro-Second Amendment Parkland student activists who has managed to get some media attention, has had another exchange online that's raised eyebrows and inspired his opponent to hit delete. On Sunday, California's Rep. Ted Lieu (D) decided the best course of action would be to pull his creepy #cannabis tweet to Kashuv and encourage the young man to listen to his parents rather than him.

In an exchange highlighted by Twitchy, Lieu and Kashuv's contentious dialog took a "creepy and inappropriate" turn Sunday that inspired Lieu to hit delete and explain himself. After a series of tweets between the two, Kashuv, who trollingly describes himself on Twitter as a "contributing editor at Vanity Fair" a la Kurt Eichenwald, noted this bizarre response by the congressman:

California has now grown to the 6th largest economy in the world. We have a low budget surplus and record low unemployment.

When you get to 21, come here and experience our awesome #cannabis.

But in the meantime you can have #butterbeer at the amazing @UniStudios in CA.

After some predictably brutal responses online, Lieu posted an official announcement that he would "hereby delete the prior tweet."

"I have now read the comments to my response to you," he wrote. "While I am proud of California's legal cannabis law, I can see why saying this to you can be misinterpreted because you are not 21. I hereby apologize. You should listen to your parents. I will hereby delete the prior tweet."

Kashuv followed up with another trolling tweet: "After going at it with @tedlieu on Twitter, I am scared at who this country elects. But on the bright side, I am confident I will be able to, one day, serve as a member of Congress!"

A few examples of some of the fallout online:

Ted - I’m the owner of a cannabis business. It was an irresponsible tweet, full stop. Our greatest single obstacle in passing laws elsewhere is #FakeNews that legalization increases teen use. Just to be clear - joking in anyway about teen marijuana use is irresponsible.

Montel Williams (@Montel_Williams) April 15, 2018

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