Nikki Haley: Chemical Attack Could Happen In U.S. 'If We're Not Smart'

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Sunday warned that a chemical attack like the one in Syria could happen in the United States "if we're not smart."

“This very easily could happen in the United States if we're not smart, and if we're not conscious of what's happening," Haley said on "Fox News Sunday."

“We have to be very conscious of the fact that we cannot allow even the smallest use of chemical weapons. That's why you saw the president strike this past weekend, that's why you saw him expel 60 Russian spies after the attack in Salisbury," she said. A former Russian spy and his daughter were both poisoned in London last month.

A chemical attack in Syria this month left more than 70 dead. President Trump blamed Russia and Iraq, and on Friday fired more than 100 missiles at suspected chemical weapons plants in Syria in a joint effort with Britain and France.

Trump declared "mission accomplished" after the strikes.

And Haley tweeted this out on Saturday.

On Fox, Haley said the missile strikes were effective. “We put a heavy blow into their chemical weapons program, setting them back years," Haley said.


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