'The WORST': President Trump Attacks Former FBI Director Comey Ahead Of Interview

"He'll go down as the worst FBI director in history."

Former FBI director James Comey's "landmark" interview with ABC News is set to air on Sunday, but before Comey's candid thoughts on the president hit the airwaves, Trump got the first word on social media.

Early Sunday morning, Trump, in what has now become a tradition, took to Twitter to air his grievances against Comey, calling him "slippery," and claiming that Comey will go down as the "worst FBI director in history."

The president also took direct issue with some of the claims Comey is making in his newly-published book, including that Comey re-opened the Clinton email case simply to clear the presumed future president of any wrongdoing ahead of her election.

Trump also accused Comey of hiding behind former Obama administration officials.

And called into question Comey's "evidence" for suggesting Trump is unfit for office.

In his early morning proclamations, Trump also hit out at media organizations criticizing his use of the term "mission accomplished" in regards to the airstrikes in Syria, suggesting the Syria raid was so successful that a larger military campaign may not be needed.

Comey's interview with George Stephanopoulos will air Sunday night.


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