When German Professor Thomas Rodel exercised his free speech rights and confronted Chancellor German Merkel about her suicidal Muslim refugee absorption program, he never expected to get reprimanded by his employer.

Merseburg University is toying with the idea of legal action against the professor, threatening his teaching job as a result of his civil protest against Germany’s highest office holder.

During the opening ceremony of a new Fraunhofer Institute for Microsystems, Rodel interrupted Merkel’s speech and shared his grievances, not as a political pundit, but as a father. “I’m scared about the future of my children! My children are 2, 4, and 9 years old,” stated Rodel.

To his bewilderment, he couldn’t believe how somebody with a doctorate in physics could be so shortsighted. “You are conducting an experiment and you don’t know the outcome! I have serious concerns about this. I expect more responsible decisions from you as a physicist,” declared Rodel.

The civil protest was calm and measured. Rodel was simply holding an elected politician responsible for what he deemed be a destructive policy.

In response, “Merkel shrugged him off and said she is already doing the best she can for the future of Germany,” reports The Gateway Pundit. “This may be because she has no personal investment in the future, no children, no relatives and has recently been spotted in South America hunting for real estate where she can spend her retirement.”

Merkel’s naive refugee program has effectively led to the breakdown of German civil society. The mass sexual assault in Cologne was just the tip of the iceberg. Rodel’s concerns about his children’s future in a country resettling throngs of male Muslim migrants, predisposed to Islamic-sanctioned misogyny and sexual violence, are prescient.

Security dies where multiculturalism thrives, explains The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro. “Refugee camps have turned into hotbeds of rape and child abuse. Mass Muslim immigration into Europe has heightened such challenges for years, of course, but the left and the press have suppressed such information.”