White House Races To Compile New Anti-Immigration Legislation That Will 'Close Loopholes'

The time for talk on immigration reform has ended, the Trump Administration says.

The Trump Administration is following up on the president's Sunday comments, and reportedly drafting new, tough legislation taking aim at "loopholes" in the nation's immigration system.

According to CNN, the president's team is working around the clock to debut a new anti-immigration push, after sensing that Trump's base was growing impatient with talk of a compromise on DACA, particularly after Congress approved a massive, trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill with only little more than a billion allocated for Trump's signature, promised border wall.

White House officials announced the initiative on Monday during a phone call with reporters and some high-level supporters, who have been pushing the Administration to seize on the popularity of immigration reform within the president's base.

The focus, the president's team says, will be "loopholes" in the law that allow certain migrants to get full or partial citizenship benefits, even though they have technically defied American immigration law. Democrats and other legislative officials expect the president to tie the new proposals to DACA, which legalizes children brought into the United States illegally by migrant parents.

Most of the White House's demands, CNN reports, actually haven't changed since January, when the Administration released a comprehensive priority list of border security needs they'd require funded in return for any deal on DACA. Those demands include "tightening the standard for asylum protections, beefing up staffing, cracking down on sanctuary cities, expanding the ways would-be immigrants can be rejected and cutting back significantly on the number of ways that immigrants can obtain green cards in the US."

They will also likely now include funding for the ever-present border wall.


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