Hannity: 'Creepy' Anderson Cooper Is The New Jerry Springer

Not many people know this but Anderson Cooper — born with a silver spoon in his mouth in Manhattan to multizillionaire heiress Gloria Vanderbilt and her fourth husband — started off in the TV business as the host of a reality show.

For a couple years on the 1990s, before Cooper was a "journalist," he hosted a show called "The Mole." The game worked like this: "Among the contestants is one person who has been designated 'The Mole' by the producers and is tasked with sabotaging the group's money-making efforts," Wikipedia said. Hard to believe but it all got dumber from there.

Then, Cooper decided to become a "journalist." Boom, just like that, from reality TV host to journalism, without missing a beat. Just the way Chelsea Clinton did it — through hard work and tenacity and pure talent.

So it makes perfect sense that Cooper got the call to handle the big "60 Minutes" interview with a porn "star," who claims she had consensual sex with Donald Trump more than a dozen years ago. Only the host of "The Mole" could handle the role.

On Monday, Fox News' Sean Hannity had some fun with Cooper and his "big get."

"Last night on '60 Minutes,' Anderson Cooper sat down for his much anticipated interview with Stormy Daniels, but despite all the build up and all the unverified over-the-top claims made by her lawyer and all the constant obsessive compulsive media obsession, Cooper's interview did fall flat and once again came off, sorry Anderson, this is creepy."

Hannity then played several clips (see video at bottom).

Then Hannity hit his stride.

"Did Anderson really consider this hard news journalism? Now, despite claims from Stormy’s lawyer that his client was ready to disclose a mountain of evidence about Trump’s misconduct, the only potentially newsworthy moment from the interview was when Stormy claims that she was threatened by an unidentified man after her alleged affair with Mr. Trump, a one-time affair.

"But even that claim wasn’t backed up with any evidence, no evidence whatsoever. So, instead, we just got the embarrassing details of a supposed or alleged one-night stand from over 12 years ago. Even some in the mainstream media, they are, they are expressing their utter disappointment about Anderson’s interviewing and hard hitting journalism."

Then, to the jugular.

"Tonight, after back-to-back lewd, cringeworthy, creepy interviews with Stormy Daniels and [former Playboy playmate] Karen McDougal — again allegations of a consensual relationship — it just looks like Anderson Cooper has now turned into CNN’s Jerry Springer. It’s a pretty compelling comparison, let’s take a look," he said as he played clips of both Cooper and Springer.

"I don’t know," Hannity concluded. "Watch out Jerry Springer — creepy Anderson Cooper could be coming for your job."

Game. Set. Match.


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