Fox News host of "Watters World," Jesse Watters, was a guest panelist on “The Five” Friday evening. When the topic of National Review’s “Against Trump” issue came into discussion, Watters made a case for Trump and even accused conservatives like those at National Review of “putting pure conservatism over the county.”

"I think politics is about principles, but it’s also about emotion," stated Watters. "And right now I think this country is down on its knees wounded, begging for real leadership. And finally a real strong leader comes around—someone that could run the table."

Watters continued, saying that complaints that Trump "doesn’t check this box" relative to his conservatism are illegitimate when looking at the larger picture of America currently.

"Filling up 40,000-people stadiums on a Tuesday night. That’s the box that counts on Election Day," said the Fox News host. "I don’t think principles matter if you can’t get elected and institute those principles. And I think a lot of people right now are putting pure conservatism over the country.”

Watters characterized Trump as "Teflon" and asked, "You’re going to throw that away because he supports eminent domain? I heard eminent domain was a reason?"

"Come on, let’s talk about his conservative principles on the three core issues Donald Trump is about: immigration, national security and jobs,” added Watters. "He is the most conservative guy out there and he is setting the agenda. So I hate to see people not soldier up and fall in line if he is the nominee because this country is in pretty bad shape."

Watters begins his comments around the 3-minute-mark:

Other Republican candidates are undeniably more conservative than Donald Trump, but Watters makes the argument that Trump’s leadership and possible electability trumps pure conservative ideology—especially when the alternative is possibly sitting out of the White House for another four to eight years.

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