White House Sources Say 'Personnel Shifts' Aren't Over

The "sources" are close to NBC and The New York Times, but others seem to be hearing the same rumors: that even as Rex Tillerson clears out his desk and the heads of State and the CIA play musical chairs, President Donald Trump may not be finished cleaning house just yet.

Trump also told reporters this morning that he's "close" to the Cabinet of his dreams — something that should instill fear in people like H. R. McMaster and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who have both found themselves on the wrong side of Trump's temper lately.

A year after selecting his Cabinet nominees, Trump is firing the ones that aren't working out — sort of the way he handled his "Apprentices" on the television show. He seems to have tolerated a handful of people he objected to from the beginning, in the hopes that they would provide him with good on-the-job service, and now he's rearranging his C-suite the way any good executive would do.

That's not to say that Trump is right, or that the people he's firing haven't done a good job (the jury is still out on Tillerson, at least), but that Trump is no longer interested in listening to close advisers. He wants what he wants and he'll get it, regardless of how that plays out in the media.

The only question is, who will want the job if there's no guarantee you'll be in office long enough to decorate your desk?


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