Senior Trump Aide John McEntee Fired From White House, Joins Trump 2020 Campaign

Trump's "body man" reportedly could not pass the new, stricter White House background check policy.

A senior Trump aide, John McEntee, who has been with the President since his campaign days, was escorted out of the White House late Monday after an "unspecified security issue," the Wall Street Journal reports.

McEntee, who was known as Trump's personal assistant and "body man," roined the President's re-election campaign Tuesday.

The White House was mum on details of the "security issue' that caused such an immediate and dramatic exit, that McEntee reportedly had to send another aide back into the West Wing for his suit jacket. The WSJ surmised, however, that new rules, put into place under Chief of Staff John Kelly, that tightened security restrictions, likely had something to do with McEntee's quick departure.

If so, McEntee is one of several aides to lose their White House job over a failed security clearance. Kelly has been slowly clearing out "spreadsheets" of West Wing and Oval Office workers who were using interim security clearances.

The news comes on a day of remarkable turnover for the Trump Administration. Just before the Trump 2020 campaign announced it had picked up the fired McEntee, President Trump himself announced that he'd fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.


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