Book Review: James O'Keefe's 'American Pravda'

Citizen journalism.

While his controversial work has earned him both praise and condemnation from fans and critics, there's no disputing that James O'Keefe has become an influential voice in the political sphere. Indeed, most Americans have seen some of O'Keefe's exposé videos produced by his team at Project Veritas. O'Keefe, who has previously published a manifesto about his "guerilla journalism" style of reporting, has just published a new book, "American Pravda: My Fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News," in which he provides the backstory of some of his undercover projects.

The author explains that the book’s title refers to the Soviet propaganda newspaper Pravda, which spread "fake news" to the Russian people. Likewise, O’Keefe explains, the mainstream media in America lies about their perceived objectivity; like the Russian newspaper, the MSM has a political agenda it is attempting to promote. Through Project Veritas, O'Keefe says he uses the media's Leftists' tactics against them to get at the truth.

O’Keefe gives insight into his background, including his friendship with the late Andrew Breitbart. He touches on the sting against the far-left organization ACORN, which made him a household name. He discusses several operations, including the time he was arrested for a misdemeanor and his more recent stings against CNN and The New York Times.

James O’Keefe has been a thorn in the mainstream media’s side since 2009. They have derided his tactics and have often complained about the stings his team have performed against those on the Left. Meanwhile, O'Keefe balks at the very idea of an establishment media and openly challenges their supremacy in the press.

"American Pravda" provides some key insights into the goals, challenges, and motives in the operations of Project Veritas. While O’Keefe is the "front man," taking most of the credit for the work, he also openly takes the blame in an effort to protect his undercover journalists. He is smart, bold, rebellious, and his story is fascinating.

For more information, watch his interview with Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro:


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