GET READY: Biden Preps 2020 Run

So it begins.

According to Politico, former Vice President Joe Biden has already begun to examine his options for 2020. That’s no surprise — I’ve been predicting Biden’s run in this space for well over a year. Biden insiders have told Politico that Biden may announce he only wants to run for one term, then have his vice president take over — something like a Biden/Kamala Harris ticket would do the trick. Biden apparently doesn’t want to do that, because he feels it makes him a lame duck out of the gate.

But there’s little question Biden will run:

In recent private conversations, Biden has described to advisers a shift: from people telling him to run because they thought he could be the one to beat Trump, to them saying they think he has the credibility and experience to do the job. Biden leaned into that argument in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, reminding the crowd that he was always the one who former President Barack Obama sent to Capitol Hill to make deals.

Biden would be Trump’s most formidable prospective opponent. That’s because Biden has been through the mill for 50 years, and therefore isn’t as vulnerable to Trump’s willingness to dig through his dirt; furthermore, Biden’s past in the Obama administration makes him feel more stable than he is; Biden himself isn’t immune to mudfights, either, and he’ll be happy to go at Trump in aggressive fashion; Biden has some blue collar appeal in precisely the Rust Belt states Hillary dropped; Biden isn’t nearly as unpopular among minorities as Hillary was.

As far as Biden’s age, he’s four years older than Trump, but both are ancient by presidential standards. So long as Biden doesn’t appear to be going utterly senile, he’ll be able to avoid questions about health and age by running against Trump.

Now, Biden is a radical leftist. He always has been. He's a fool who makes routine political mistakes, but he's been able to brush them off as the happy meanderings of "Uncle Joe." He’s not the moderate he pretends to be, and he’s always been a wingman rather than the main show. But he’s the Democrats’ best alternative — if they’re thinking that Harris or Corey Booker will take down Trump through an intersectional coalition, they’ll be likely to lose.


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