IT HAS ARRIVED: Trailer For The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Documentary

“I did see myself as kind of a kindergarten teacher in those days"

Justice Ginsburg is going to Hollywood in the new documentary "RBG," which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. On this "International Women's Day," the trailer finally appeared on social media. Take a look:

As the trailer indicates, the documentary will tell the story of the Justice's life, beginning with her work in the women's movement during the 1960s up until today. The documentary also explores the fandom that has followed Ginsburg and how her time on the SCOTUS bench has inspired generations of feminists.

“I did see myself as kind of a kindergarten teacher in those days, because the judges didn’t think sex discrimination existed,” she describes her early legal advocacy in the trailer.

Interspersed throughout the trailer are various shots of the 80-plus old Justice doing her now-famous workout routine, which includes dumbbells and planks.

Ginsburg appeared at the documentary's premiere during the Sundance Film Festival, and she received a standing ovation as the crowd of Hollywoodites welcomed her onto the stage. The doc will most likely avoid addressing sexual misconduct alleged (and proven) against President Bill Clinton, the man who appointed Ginsburg to SCOTUS.

Ginsburg stepped into hot water during the 2016 election when she expressed fear over Trump winning the presidency and altering the leftward future of the Supreme Court. After significant backlash from critics claiming she stepped out of bounds given her role as a Justice, she walked her comments back. She has also blamed "sexism" for Hillary Clinton's loss to President Trump.


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