LISTEN: Alleged University Prof Slams 2016 Republican Candidates In 15-Minute Monologue

Campus Reform’s Bradley Devlin recently came into possession of an audio recording allegedly from an Ohio State University student. The student recorded a professor lecturing for approximately 15 minutes about the 2016 Republican presidential candidates. According to Campus Reform, the student identified the professor as Nathaniel Swigger of OSU’s political science department.

It’s unclear what sparked the lecture, but the professor rails on the former candidates — for mostly superficial reasons. Here’s some of what he said:

On Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX):

His attempts to be human just are so bad. He released a family video for his campaign in which they did little interviews with his children and his parents and his wife. And then the campaign also released outtakes of it because they thought that would be humanizing, and the outtakes are just horrifying. Like, watching his own kids not want to interact with him. It was just kind of terrifying.

On Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL):

Oh God, and then there's Rubio. ...

You know how there are some sports teams or some people who just look really good on paper . . . that's Marco Rubio. ...

He's relatively young; he's relatively good looking as politicians go; he's a reasonably charismatic speaker as long as he has a script in front of him. Great. Got great conservative credentials — you know, strongly pro-life, anti-gay, all that good stuff.

Rubio has been given multiple chances since becoming a senator to really become the leading voice in the Republican party, and what's notable is that every time he's been given this opportunity to really step forward and shine, he's failed miserably. Just every single time. And at a certain point, you gotta pat the guy on the head and go, "No, it's just not gonna happen, man."

... The biggest knock on Marco Rubio is that — I'm trying to say this nicely — I guess the polite thing would be he's got street smarts, not necessarily book smarts. Like, nobody looks at Marco Rubio as the intellectual powerhouse of the Party, you know what I mean?

On President Trump:

Oh yeah, the race thing. In the general election, being a racist will really hurt you 'cause, you know, there are actual ethnic minorities, [who will], you know, not want to vote for somebody who is a white nationalist. But in the Republican primary, you have overwhelmingly white voters. Black voters, Latino voters just don't make up significant constituencies in the Republican primary, so you can say a lot of overtly racist things. ...

There’s a lot more in this audio recording than what’s transcribed above. The Daily Wire reached out to Professor Swigger for comment, but as of publication, we have not heard back.

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