Kim Kardashian Introduces A Line Of 'Feminist' Emojis

Up your women's rights game with computer-genderate cartoons sold by a reality television star.

Kim Kardashian West, a woman who rocketed to fame on the back of an adult film, and, together with her family, has been slowly eroding the American social fabric, is now a feminist, and to celebrate, she's charging other feminists a cool $2.99 to download her exclusive "Women's Empowerment Kimoji" expansion pack.

The pack, available in the App Store, features nine "Kimojis" that you can add to an already heavily populated Kimoji keyboard. Alongside your peaches, eggplants, dropped panties, bare butts, bouncy boobs, and stripper GIFs, you can now send little pictures that say "Grab America Back," "The Future is Nasty," and "My Body My Choice."

It's not clear whether Kim or her fans will recognize the irony in an empowering set of digital cartoons, created and marketed for profit by a vapid woman whose focus on makeup, body type, and fashion is systematically undermining the stated goals of the women's rights movement every time she appears in media.

Frankly, though, feminists paying $2.99 for "women's empowerment emojis" created by Kim Kardashian is the modern women's rights movement in a perfect little nutshell.

Predictably, the reality television star is receiving both praise and derision for her feminist foray into the free market. Kardashian famously refused to call herself a feminist, and then took it back in an interview with Harper's Bazaar, saying that, "I feel in my soul I’m a feminist. I just don’t need labels to make me feel or know what I am inside.” She probably just hadn't realized yet that faux feminism is a moneymaking endeavor.

While some appreciated the gesture, others suggested that true future feminists look elsewhere for heroic acts by women.

Still others suggested that the answer as to whether Kim is officially a feminist lies in the product itself.

Either way, Kim probably doesn't care. Feminist or not, she'll cash the checks.


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