Studio Launches With All-Female Executive Team

The future is female!

The feminist revolution has finally come to Hollywood and leading the way is the new content studio and consultancy, Original Media Ventures, which boasts an all-female executive team.

Launched by Kathryn Schotthoefer, who previously led major marketing campaigns for Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros and Fox, Original Media Ventures will have an all-female executive team featuring the likes of "former Maker Studios executive Emily Wynne-Hughes, who will run programming, 'Amazing Race' producer Kristi Dixon, who will oversee production, and former Warner Bros exec Katie Hutchings, who will be in charge of partnerships," according to Deadline.

Partnering with 21st Century Fox and National Geographic, the studio already has a variety of scripted products in development including an "anthology series about teen girls around the world and a digital series featuring Plus1, a non-profit that partners touring music artists such as Arcade Fire with grassroots issue organizations."

In line with the progressive vision pushed at the Oscars in the wake of #MeToo, Original Media Ventures promises to create stories for "underrepresented creative voices."

Schotthoefer said that the time has come for Hollywood to allow the underrepresented to share their stories.

“The world has long been ready for the content industry to start telling stories based on a much larger set of experiences, and we are thrilled to be partnering with brands, distributors, organizations, and creatives who want to be part of that movement," she told Deadline. "Women, people of color, and those without traditional access to the media industry deserve to tell their stories, to see themselves represented in content, and to be paid equally for their work.”

By the Left's standards, it is now perfectly appropriate to intentionally create an all-female executive team, excluding males, and not be slapped with a sexual discrimination lawsuit. But as Jimmy Kimmel said at the Oscars on Sunday, the ideal Hollywood man is one with no penis.

The future is female.

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