Black Lives Matter Tweets Attack On Trump. Shapiro Clobbers Them.

On Tuesday evening, Black Lives Matter tweeted something they thought was an accurate statement concerning the fact that porn star Stormy Daniels was suing the President of the United States: (the tweet was later deleted)

This rather myopic view of the situation was corrected by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro in a a single tweet, disabusing Black Lives Matter of their ridiculous notion:

In one corner, ladies and gentlemen, (drum roll), a porn star suing the President of the United States. In the other corner, (drum roll), SLAVERY.

But then, Black Lives Matter seemingly has a poor grip on history on Twitter, as this tweet displays:

Let’s see … Fast and Furious, lying about the Iran nuclear deal, the IRS targeting conservative groups, Benghazi, the enabling of ISIS . . .

But hey, when you’ve got an axe to grind . . .


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