Kimmel Triggered By Trump's Oscar Trolling, Spews Some Fake News

Jimmy Kimmel loves being a Hollywood insider; he thrives off celebrities fawning over him. That explains why he desperately wants to become a regular Oscar host in the tradition of Bob Hope, Billy Crystal, and Johnny Carson. You can see it in the way he panders to his left-wing audience, praising them for their virtuous political and social positions while mocking the middle-Americans that pay their bills.

The difference between those comedic giants and Jimmy Kimmel, however, is that those men made people actually laugh and they set aside their political positions for three-plus hours every year in the name of bringing Americans together to celebrate the movies. Kimmel did none of that this past Sunday; the show's poor ratings (the worst in history) reflect that. And being that Kimmel desperately wants to become a Bob Hope or a Johnny Carson, it is fitting to troll him over his complete failure to measure up to them. Enter President Trump:

Ouch. This entirely factual statement from the president, even down to him being a bigger star, was just too triggering for Jimmy Kimmel, who came firing back with an armory of fake news:

Nice try there, Jimmy. Next time, make sure not to become so incensed by someone trolling you over your failure to deliver the goods that you tweet out something so blatantly false.

According to the polls, the president stands close to 50% approval, which is far from the "lowest rated President in history." True, there have been points in Trump's presidency where he stood lower than his predecessors, but that has not stagnated. Like all American presidents, the approval rating will fluctuate until he leaves office.

Unfortunately for Kimmel, no such fluctuation exists. Until another comedian comes along to double-down on Kimmel's legacy, Oscars 2018 will go down as the lowest-rated show in history.

For Kimmel, the likelihood of an Oscar encore looks fairly dismal. For President Trump, there's always a MAGA moment on the horizon.

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