Is News Coverage Of Trump Getting Any Less Biased? Study: NOPE.

It's been over a year since the man who supposedly could not win was inaugurated, and so far the economy hasn't collapsed (in fact, it's booming), illegal immigrants aren't being rounded up by the millions and deported (actually, Trump is deporting illegals at a slower rate than Obama), and women's lives don't resemble anything close to "A Handmaid's Tale," so has any of that anti-Trump hysteria among the media simmered down? According to a new media watchdog study, not at all.

The Media Research Center's newest media bias study, reported by Newsbusters, found similar results to its 2017 study: Evening news coverage of Trump in January by the big three — ABC, CBS and NBC — remained overwhelmingly negative. MRC found that coverage of Trump contained ten times more negative coverage than positive coverage and that the Russia investigation "swamped all other topics."

In its analysis of the "spin of coverage" — which looked at "evaluative" statements by anchors, reporters, sources, experts and other people interviewed about Trump and his administration — MRC found that of a total of 712 comments, 647 (91%) were negative, while just 65 (9%) were positive. Newsbusters notes that MRC has found about the same bias factor (around 90% negative) in its previous studies in 2017 and 2016.

And here's the study's breakdown in terms of coverage of topics, as provided by Newsbusters:

For this study, MRC analysts looked at all 505 evening news stories that mentioned President Trump or his administration in January and February. Out of 851 total minutes of airtime devoted to the administration, the networks spent almost one-fourth of it (204 minutes, or 24%) on the Russia investigation, eclipsing other major topics such as the economy, immigration reform, and even the gun debate.

MRC has found that since Trump first took office, the three broadcasters have dedicated about a fifth (21%) of their coverage to the Russia investigation, a combined 1,438 minutes in a little over 13 months.

So, yes, the big three remain as committed as ever to presenting Trump in almost as bad a light as they possibly can. Maybe by the end of 2018, they can go full CNN and finally eliminate that pesky 9% positive commentary.


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