'Lady Bird' Saoirse Ronan Supports Abortion Legalization For Ireland

"It’s such a turnaround"

While the Oscar-nominated movie "Lady Bird" had some surprising moments of Catholicity, the film's Oscar-nominated star Saoirse Ronan has none of that.

As the debate surrounding Ireland's referendum on its anti-abortion ban intensifies, the Irish actress weighed in this past weekend to announce she will indeed be voting in favor of a woman's "right to choose."

Speaking with the The Irish Times, Ronan likened the potential repeal of Ireland's 8th amendment banning abortion to the referendum on traditional marriage.

“I was coming into my womanhood when that discussion was being had after the marriage referendum,” she said. “And I know so many people who have been affected by this situation. I just feel everybody has a right to their own body. Everyone has a right to make their own decisions.”

Ronan said that the marriage referendum in the once great Catholic nation of Ireland signaled that the country has “definitely taken a turn” that will lead to female empowerment.

“I do feel it’s become more of a modern, cosmopolitan place," she said. "It’s such a turnaround. I feel like there is a turning point with our generation. Women are being empowered in a way they haven’t before."

Ronan can say whatever she wishes, but according to pro-lifers on the ground in Ireland, victory for the 8th amendment will be won by the people going door to door campaigning for the lives of unborn children, not Hollywood celebrities.

The Dublin-based Life Institute director Niamh Uí Bhriain says the heroic stories of mothers and their children are what resonates with people.

“We have found that it is the experiences of ordinary people, including those heroic women who have babies in very difficult circumstances or parents who advocate so bravely for all children with disabilities, that really resonate with people on the doors," she told LifeSiteNews in an email.

All abortion is evil, but even if Ireland repeals the 8th amendment (as some polls indicate), their laws could reach extremely permissive levels, like those in the United States, which allows abortion nearly up until birth.

The neighboring Northern Ireland has also been hectored for its abortion laws. Just recently, the United Nations said Northern Ireland's pro-life laws were "violence against women."


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