WATCH: Mark Levin, Rep. Devin Nunes Slam Obama Administration On FISA Abuse

"The media protect the Obama administration no matter what."

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) appeared on Fox News' "Life, Liberty, & Levin" on Sunday, where he and the host criticized the Obama Administration for their alleged abuse of FISA while investigating Russia interference in the 2016 presidential election — and the media's continued insistence on ignoring the story.

Host Mark Levin asked Nunes about the legality of the previous administration's use of FISA warrants, especially in investigating the successful campaign of Donald Trump for collusion with the Russians.

Levin pointed out that the Obama Administration had failed to get a FISA warrant previously and went back later to get another using the Steele Dossier that was leaked by BuzzFeed. He asked the California congressman if that is what changed to make the second attempt successful.

"Well, clearly the Steele dossier was used," replied Nunes. "It was the bulk of the application."

Levin pointed out that only a small "circle of people" would know about the contents of the FISA application.

He asked the congressman, "As chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, did the Obama administration spy on the Trump campaign?"

"I think it's pretty clear, and average Americans understand, that that happened," Nunes replied.

Levin argued that former President Obama would have had knowledge about these events from public records or from his staff.

Nunes said, "Well, it's hard to believe that [national security advisor Susan Rice] didn't know that. The letter that she writes to herself on January 20th, [2017,] hours before the Trump administration comes into power, it doesn't make any sense other than to say it must have been some type of way to justify whatever actions were taken or cover something up."

Nunes continued, "This has been the challenge historically for the Congress. Once they create something, it's hard to oversee it, it's hard to shut it down, it's hard to control it. What our committee has done, for the first time in a long time, with the help of all of our members, on the Republican side at least, who want to get to the bottom, to get to the truth. This is the first time in a long time when you've seen Congress really use our authority and use our power to go all the way to the courts to get information to try to rein in out-of-control bureaucracies. It should alarm people what it has taken for us to get to the bottom of this fiasco that's occurred."

He added, "The media in this country is dead. It no longer exists, and the American people need to understand this. I don't know where it's going to all end, if it's dead forever, but 90% of the media is far-left-wing, and they are totally reliant on getting clicks and playing to their base and to their owners to support what their owners want."

Levin criticized the media for not reporting on the story.

"We have what I call a Praetorian Guard media," he said. "They're going to protect the Obama administration no matter what that administration did or does. If the shoe were on the other foot, if this were a Republican administration that did this to a Democratic candidate, it would be the greatest scandal in American history."

Watch Part 1 of the interview below:


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