STONED: Colorado University Accidentally Sends 11,000 Letters Implying Acceptance To Wrong Students

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs has got to cut down on the reefer.

The school accidentally sent out emails to more than 11,000 applicants that made it sound like they'd been accepted.

"In the original email, the university wrote 'Welcome to the UCCS Mountain Lion Family.' The email then went on to provide resources for the parents of future students," CBS4 reported.

Shortly after, the university sent a second email admitting they sent the email to some students who were denied acceptance and others whose applications had not been processed.

University Spokesman Jared Verner told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas he was aware of the emails, and the vice chancellor was looking in to what caused the error.

The follow-up email from Senior Executive Director of Enrollment Matthew Cox apologized for the error.

In part, it read, “It has come to my attention that the data filed used for this communication included parent email addresses for some applicants who have not yet been reviewed for admission or have been denied admission,” Cox wrote. “I ask that you disregard the prior email, and I again offer my sincerest apologies.”

Connor Ireland, a senior at Vista PEAK Preparatory School, told CBS4 he was happy when he got the email, thinking he'd been accepted.

Then, after a few hours, Ireland learned he had not been accepted. At least not yet.

“My mom texted me, and said it was a mess up,” Ireland said. Ireland said the mistake was confusing.

“It’s like a rollercoaster ride of emotions,” he said.

We know marijuana is legal is Colorado, but, you know, maybe the state government employees in the college admissions offices should refrain until they can, like, totally send out the right letters to the right people, man.

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