Actress Emma Watson, who has been a leading supporter of the Time’s Up movement, decided to show off her new tattoo honoring the movement at the Oscars on Sunday evening, but the spellchecker for the tattooist didn’t get there in time.

Watson, who got her bachelor's degree in English literature from Brown University in May 2014, displayed a tattoo reading “Times Up” without the requisite apostrophe, prompting some to express their disenchantment with the error:

The movement’s hashtag does not use an apostrophe. MSN quickly offered some hope for Watson, reporting, “Thankfully, there’s a good chance Watson’s “new ink” is temporary—there’s a shine around the edges of the letters, so it was likely a cut-and-peel type appliqué.”

Watson has not only been vocal about her support for the Time’s Up movement, she brought a women’s rights activist to the Golden Globes as her date. She also donated $1.4 million to the U.K. Justice and Equality Fund, which raises funds to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.