On Wednesday, author and journalist Kurt Eichenwald sent out the following tweet:

“True news: A teacher with a gun in Georgia school shooting, hit a kid,” Eichenwald claimed.

Here’s the actual story, per the Associated Press:

A social studies teacher [Jesse Randal Davidson] barricaded himself inside a classroom at a Georgia high school on Wednesday and fired a handgun, sending students running outside or hunkering down in darkened gym locker rooms, authorities said. No Dalton High School students were in the classroom when the teacher fired the weapon, and despite the chaotic lockdown and evacuation, the only injury was a student who hurt her ankle running away.

Without question, none of what happened in Georgia is acceptable. However, reading Eichenwald’s tweet, one could be forgiven for thinking that Davidson shot a student.

Following the Parkland shooting, President Trump and others have made the argument that teachers should be allowed to carry defensive firearms at school (some schools do this already). Proponents of this argument have made sure to note that such a policy wouldn’t be mandatory, and that any teachers who volunteer would have to undergo firearms training.

However, many progressives have attacked the idea, claiming that it would be dangerous to arm teachers. Here’s where Kurt Eichenwald comes in. Looking at his most recent tweets, it’s clear that Eichenwald stands strongly against the NRA, and seemingly guns in general:

His tweet about the Georgia incident, however, isn’t simply an expression of anger, it’s patently false. Jesse Randal Davidson did not “hit a kid” with his firearm.

As of publication, Eichenwald’s tweet has over 12,200 “likes,” and has been retweeted 4,650 times. On Thursday, I asked Eichenwald if he planned to take his tweet down:

As of publication on Saturday, it remains standing.

Either Eichenwald is ignorant of the fact that his tweet is incorrect (perhaps he simply hasn’t seen the news), or he is leaving it up deliberately.