The Democratic field, amassing to challenge Donald Trump in 2020, is already huge, but you can add one more to the list: former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder already expressed interest in running about a month ago, in an interview with MSNBC, The Washington Free Beacon reports, but last weekend, Holder took part in a panel interview with The Washington Post, and it appeared his initial curiosity has bloomed into full blown interest.


Instead of merely saying that he's considering a run, Holder appeared to be attempting to justify entering the crowded field — making an argument as to why we need an Eric Holder in the race, rather than Eric Holder-alikes, like former California AG-turned-Senator, Kamala Harris.

When asked about why he would run, Holder answered, "Because I care a great deal about this country. I’ve spent the vast majority of my professional life in public service. I think I've got ideas that I hope would resonate with the American people."

"I think I've got the guts to potentially do the things that I think the next president would have to do," Holder continued.

He then quoted Rev. Martin Luther King, suggesting that he would be the one to "bend the arc towards justice," by taking "definitive," quick action to reverse the Trump administration's agenda.

Frankly, Holder, despite his best efforts at building name recognition these past several months, probably isn't the Democrats' best bet to retake the White House. Nearly all of the scandals that plagued the Obama White House originated within Holder's Justice Department, and Holder would be forced to explain, say, why American guns ended up in the hands of Mexican drug lords.

Holder's apparent ambitions speak to a larger strategy, though, on the part of former President Barack Obama and his allies, designed to sustain and even repair Obama's legacy after leaving office. Beyond Holder, Obama's other top aides seem desperate to pin Trump's victory as a triumph of the worst parts of America over their "hopeful" agenda, and not a full-on rebuke of the Obama vision.