CNN's gun control campaign, which really kicked into high gear at its much-criticized town hall last Wednesday, has continued in full force this week, including sympathetic interviews with student activists accusing the NRA of "basically killing children" and various articles and social media posts promoting gun control arguments. One of CNN's anti-gun tweets on Wednesday didn't go over quite as planned online.

When Dick's Sporting Goods announced that it would no longer sell "assault-style rifles" at its Field & Stream stores (it had already stopped selling them at its main locations), CNN published an article targeting those stores who still sell the "assault-style rifles" and tweeted the piece out to its followers, many of whom will no doubt try to put pressure on the stores. Here's the tweet:

But many online took the tweet in a different direction than it was likely intended, including the first person to respond, who promptly announced that he/she was "buying one this weekend."

Others took a moment to remind CNN that "assault-style rifles" is a term that is mostly superficial:

That prompted the following back and forth between a "liberal" and two veterans:

A few other responses to CNN's initial tweet:

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