Vice President Mike Pence sent a clear warning to the communist North Korean regime on Tuesday during a speech in which he warned Kim Jong-Un that "the era of strategic patience is over."

While speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters’ Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, Pence praised President Donald Trump’s foreign policy and his harsh stance on terrorists and tyrannical governments.

"So we've stood with our allies and we've stood up to our enemies," he said. "Nowhere is that more true than in the fight against radical Islamic terror. Under President Trump’s leadership we've taken the fight to the terrorists, on our terms, on their soil."

Pence added, "And thanks to the courage of our armed forces, and the leadership of this Commander-in-Chief, ISIS is on the run, their caliphate is crumbling, and we will not rest or relent until ISIS is destroyed at its source."

He also took a subtle shot at former President Barack Obama’s soft stance when it came to the Iranian government.

"We've put the leading state sponsor of terror on notice as well," Pence said. "And the United States has made it clear: We will no longer tolerate Iran’s destabilizing activities across the region. And the United States of America will no longer certify the disastrous Iran nuclear deal."

While discussing North Korea, the Vice President did not hold back on his warnings to the communist nation.

"And in the wake of provocations and threats against the United States and our allies, we've made it clear when it comes to North Korea: The era of strategic patience is over," he said to much applause. "And I promise you, the United States of America will continue to stand strong with our allies until North Korea stops threatening our homeland, our allies, and once and for all, abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions."

He emphasized, "I promise you."

Mike Pence also spoke about the economy and honored the evangelist Billy Graham who passed away earlier this week.