Rubio SLAMS Gun Control Debate: 'We The People Don't Really Like Each Other Very Much.' He's Absolutely Right.

On Wednesday, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) tweeted out his thoughts on America’s current gun control debate — and as the parlance on Twitter goes, he was quickly “ratio-ed,” meaning that he received more replies than likes or retweets. What was his controversial proposition?

This is exactly right, even if it’s impolitic.

Rubio was raked over the coals last week on national television by Parkland survivors — one of whom suggested that Rubio was just like the shooter. CNN anchor Jake Tapper provided no pushback whatsoever. Rubio was excoriated by the Left for his refusal to say that the National Rifle Association was some sort of evil terrorist organization from which he would stop accepting donations. And he’s dropped in the polls in his home state thanks to the publicity push against him from the media.

Rubio is correct that the reason for this is a poison at the heart of our politics. We’ve devolved into warring tribes, and we attribute nasty motives to those who are members of other tribes. Nowhere has this been clearer than in the media’s fulsome praise for pro-gun control students — not merely because those students support gun control, but because those students keep maintaining that those who oppose their gun control agenda hate children and want to see them murdered. And as for Rubio’s point regarding the lack of Judeo-Christian values in our politics, that’s inarguable — arrogance and boasting were the currency of the realm in 2016.

So, what is there to do? Re-inculcation of central values would be a start. But that’s unlikely in an era where we spend our days praising the most radical members of each tribe for their “courage.” Just read the replies to Rubio’s tweet, and you’ll see just how right he is.


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