Survivors from the tragic Parkland, Florida school shooting last week are reportedly in talks with publishers for book deals to further promote their anti-gun message.

"Sources tell TMZ that at least two of the outspoken survivors have been in talks with publishers for book deals. The deals haven't been inked ... the students are in the meeting phase with book honchos," reported TMZ on Tuesday.

According to TMZ sources, some of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high schoolers "have been getting help from high-profile publicists to field requests and schedule media appearances."

Their goal is to ride the wave of their newfound media attention to further push gun control measures, says the report.

Stoneman students Emma González and David Hogg have earned massive media attention in the wake of the fatal shooting that ended with 17 dead. Their appearances on cable news shows, CNN's Jerry Springer-like town hall event on guns, and their massive social media followings have made the teens household names.

However, it remains unclear which students are looking to channel their activism into a book deal.

Potential book profits would likely be donated to March for Our Lives, an anti-gun initiative taking place next month in D.C., sources tell TMZ.