WATCH: Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon Says He'll 'March Alongside Parkland Students' In D.C.

Fallon is taking after his fellow comedian, Jimmy Kimmel.

If you thought switching channels might land you on a late night comedy program that wasn't going to pepper its celebrity interviews with long-winded political diatribes, you're now out of luck on both ABC and NBC, as, last night, Jimmy Fallon took a cue from fellow host Jimmy Kimmel and gave an impassioned speech on gun control during his "comedy" monologue.

Fallon told his audience that he stood with the Parkland students calling for stricter gun control laws, and that he planned on marching alongside gun control activists at the upcoming March For Our Lives in Washington, D.C.

“What they had to live through, and what they have to live with, is something that I can’t even imagine,” Fallon said. “I stand with you guys and I will be marching alongside you with my wife and two children in D.C. to show our support."


He also called the students' campaign a "real revolution," even as many of the students have now faltered, unable to square calls for stricter regulation of "assault weapons," and their condemnations of Florida lawmakers, with developing stories involving the Broward County Sheriff's Department.

Fallon, of course, joins everyone from Oprah to George Clooney in pledging support for the upcoming march for gun control in Washington, and he's certainly taking a page from Kimmel in using his late night show as a platform for "political change."


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