The internet is ablaze with pro-gun control posts, and CNN's Chris Cuomo is making sure he's not left out of the fun. In a tweet that's won him another headline, the left-leaning host was willing to get a little creative in some of the connections he attempted to draw between the gun control debate and other hot button topics, namely 9/11 and the confiscation of toothpaste by TSA.

Here's the tweet that prompted Cuomo's pro-gun control comment:

Not one not to respond to a tweet that falls in line with his personal political agenda, Cuomo responded by agreeing that Dianne's connection between the TSA confiscating toothpaste for a commercial flight is a legitimate comparison to the complex issues of banning certain ill-defined types of guns and mental illness and gun rights. Our response to mass shootings, suggested Cuomo, should be similar to our response to 9/11, which many on both the Left and the Right have largely criticized.

"Yes. Priorities," Cuomo tweeted. "Mass shootings are the only threat this society chooses to ignore. For terror, we made accommodations to aspects of our rights, privacy and otherwise in the name of safety...but not with these shootings."

Like every other tweet that has ever been posted on Twitter by a high-profile figure, the responses were all over the place, at times thoughtful and/or entertaining. One follower noted that current laws were not followed in the Parkland shooting. Another responded by asking media members like Cuomo to start first by banning "sensationalized media coverage of these incidents."

A few other examples from various points on the political spectrum: