Study: British Millennials Are Making History On The Weight Scale

"Britain is the most obese nation in Western Europe"

It turns out that the massive consumption of fast-food, weekends playing video games, and overall sedentary lifestyle has made millennials the fattest generation in history — at least in the U.K.

According to the BBC, "based on population trends, more than seven in every 10 people born between the early 1980s and mid-90s will be too fat by the time they reach middle age."

Compare those numbers with the baby boomers, who showed a 50% rate of being too fat by middle age.

The health risks of obesity at any age is a problem, but the risk goes up the earlier obesity onsets. As an adult, obesity is linked to "13 different types of cancer," including breast, bowel and kidney cancer. In the U.K., only 15% of people in the U.K. are aware the dangers.

"Britain is the most obese nation in Western Europe, with rates rising faster than in any other developed nation," reports the BBC. "Obesity prevalence has been increasing in the UK, from 15% in 1993 to 27% in 2015."

Ages 55 to 64 were shown have the highest weight increase in 2015. Obesity prevelance will only worsen based on the millennial track record.

Cancer Research U.K. spokeswoman Prof. Linda Bauld explained the inherent dangers of obesity.

"Extra body fat doesn't just sit there; it sends messages around the body that can cause damage to cells," Bauld said. "This damage can build up over time and increase the risk of cancer in the same way that damage from smoking causes cancer."

"While these estimates sound bleak, we can stop them becoming a reality," she continued. "Millennials are known for following seemingly healthy food trends, but nothing beats a balanced diet."

The solution: "Eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and other fibre filled foods like whole grains, and cutting down on junk food."

This should be common knowledge, but unfortunately, it is not. Prof. Russell Viner from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health fears that "overweight is becoming normalized."

According to CNN, on the global scale (no pun intended), the United States has the "greatest percentage of obese children and young adults, at 13%, while Egypt led in terms of adult obesity, with almost 35%."


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