Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel admitted on Sunday, in his interview with CNN's "State of the Union," that he was aware of reports that at least one sheriff's deputy did not enter the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the shooting before CNN hosted a town hall that featured the school's students and their parents.

In his interview with "State of the Union" host Jake Tapper, Israel said that he would not take responsibility for the multiple red flags missed by the Broward County Sheriff's Office and revealed that he was aware of reports that deputy Scot Peterson did not enter the school during the shooting before CNN's town hall on February 21.

"When did you find out that Deputy Peterson had not gone into the building?" Tapper asked. "How soon after the shooting did you know that?"

"Not for days," Israel replied.

"How many days?" Tapper responded.

"I’m not sure," Israel said.

"Because you spent much of the Wednesday night town hall on CNN to meet with the entire Stoneman Douglas communities, students and teachers and parents, attacking the NRA, saying the police need more powers, more money to prevent future tragedies," Tapper fired back. "You didn’t disclose any of this, to the crowd then, the Stoneman Douglas high school community, did you know it then, did you know it Wednesday night?"

"It was spoken about earlier during that day," Israel admitted.