'Coward': President Trump Blasts The Cop Who Failed To Act In Florida

"He certainly did a poor job, there’s no question about that.”

President Trump did not mince words in his public criticism of the Broward sheriff’s deputy who failed to confront the suspected gunman at the high school in Parkland, Florida.

As reports showed on Thursday, the officer assigned to protect the school waited for as many as four minutes while 17 students were gunned down.

Speaking with reporters on Friday morning, President Trump said the officer “certainly did a poor job” and that he might be “a coward.”

“When it came time to get in there to do something, he didn’t have the courage or something happened,” Trump said. “He certainly did a poor job, there’s no question about that.”

“That’s a case where somebody who is outside, they’re trained, they didn’t react properly under pressure, or they were a coward,” Trump added.

The school resource officer, Scot Peterson, resigned in disgrace on Thursday from Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

In the case of officer Peterson, as noted by the residing sheriff, he stood outside for four minutes while students were being killed and did not act. The sounds of gunshots could also be heard from his position.

Some on social media feel Trump took it too far:


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