WATCH: Amanda Prestigiacomo Slams Judge For Denying Parents Custody Of Alleged Trans-Child

"It's a terrible, terrible precedent."

On Tuesday, The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo was a guest on One America News Network, where she discussed an Ohio judge’s ruling that denied parents custody of their daughter for not being supportive enough of her self-identified "transgenderism."

"It's a terrible, terrible precedent," she told host Liz Wheeler. "It just shows the crazy liberal logic here. Liberals were literally trying to take away large sodas from adults for making that decision."

She continued, "But all of a sudden, children can make the decision that they should change gender and have a therapy treatment that could be life-altering and possibly sterilize them. It is insanity."

Prestigiacomo was referring to Hamilton County Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon, who transferred custody of a child claiming to be transgender from her parents to her maternal grandparents, who support her decision to undergo hormone therapy.

After playing a clip of the teen’s lawyer saying that he does not want to "plan a funeral" instead of a graduation, 'The Tipping Point' host asked if there was any evidence that a suicidal individual is cured after going through transgender surgery.

"No," Amanda answered emphatically. "Actually the suicide rate for transgenders post-surgery/pre-surgery is about the same. It is extremely high."

"There is a ton of differing opinions on this," she added, citing recent studies on gender dysphoria. "This is a mental illness, of course. Studies show that at least upwards of 80% of children who are gender confused grow out of it by the time they are adults."

Watch the interview below:


Parents Lose Custody Of Child For Refusing To Support Transgenderism


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