'Black Panther' Screening Shut Down After Woman Yells Racial Slur

According to police in Sparta, New Jersey, an "extremely intoxicated" woman managed to ruin a bunch of her fellow movie-goers' Sunday night by erupting into a drunken rant that included the "N-word."

The report of the drunken, racially-charged comments comes via NJ.com's Allison Pries, who notes that the unnamed woman caused a ruckus during a screening of the blockbuster hit "Black Panther" when she "yelled a racial slur" at no one in particular. Her offensive comments prompted other audience members "to shout at her," Pries writes.

The situation apparently got so out of hand that management at the New Vision Sparta Theatre decided it was time to shut the whole thing down. The theater reportedly handed out vouchers to frustrated viewers.

"She was making loud comments at the screen that upset other patrons," Sparta Police Lt. John Lamon said of the woman, whom he described as "extremely intoxicated." Among the racial slurs was the "N-word."

The police say no charges were filed. Pries notes that the theater said that the only person who was able to identify the drunken patron wasn't willing to sign a complaint.

Lamont told reporters that officials advised the theater to send the woman a certified letter instructing her not to trespass, and provide the department with a copy.

"Sparta has about 20,000 residents, of which about 1 percent are black or African American," Pries notes.

Though that screening clearly didn't go over as viewers had hoped, the film as a whole has been a smashing success, surpassing the studio's initial estimates of how it would perform. In its first four days, the film grossed over $242 million domestically and nearly $200 million internationally. It has also scored big among critics, who have given it a nearly unheard of 97% positive score on Rotten Tomatoes.


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