Former U.S. Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who regularly appears on Fox News and is a contributor for NRATV, was deemed "ineligible" to purchase ads on Twitter after the social media platform reportedly flagged his content as being "inappropriate."

Early Wednesday morning, Bongino tweeted: "Defending your Second Amendment Rights is apparently too controversial a topic for the Twitter and the Twitter Support team. Our account isn’t eligible for any twitter ads. Total BS."

Bongino then tweeted a screenshot of the message he received from Twitter, adding: "If you’re a conservative be sure to toe the line on Twitter or the Twitter Support team will make sure you're deemed 'ineligible' to promote your content on their site. This is absolutely absurd."

A series of undercover videos published last month from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas appeared to confirm the notion held by many people that Twitter actively discriminates against conservative users on their platform.

In December, far-left celebrity Rosie O'Donnell made sexually vile comments to The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro on Twitter which the social media platform initially deemed to be acceptable before ultimately changing their decision after receiving widespread criticism.

In November, Twitter suspended the account of an editor at a conservative publication who had no known history of violating any of the platform's policies. PJ Media reports:

PJ Media D.C. editor Bridget Johnson was suspended from Twitter with no warning or explanation. It's been nearly a week now and thus far Twitter has yet to offer a reason for the suspension.

Twitter appears to have not restored Johnson's original account. She has since been forced to create a new account, losing all of her followers in the process.