On Monday, the Louder with Crowder team released the latest episode of "Change My Mind," a series in which Steven Crowder discusses controversial topics with people on the street in a long-form setting.

This episode is titled: "Male Privilege is a Myth."

The "Change My Mind" series is interesting because while there are times when Crowder is able to have incredibly thoughtful exchanges with individuals with whom he disagrees, there are other times when people are simply not interested in listening.

These people engage in cursing and emotional argumentation, often derailing the conversation into irrelevant territory. However, the episodes in which this occurs are just as instructive because, as any conservative knows, there are many people in the world who behave in this manner. Learning how to deal with them, and possibly break through their illogical argumentation is a valuable tool to have.

This episode is one of those. Despite Crowder’s attempts to keep the conversation on track, the participant becomes intensely emotional.

Take a look: