WATCH: Actor Michael Rapaport's Sexist Attack On Laura Ingraham: 'Dribble These N***, B****'

On Sunday afternoon, actor Michael Rapaport unleashed a disturbingly sexist, expletive -laced attack on Fox News host Laura Ingraham over her commentary on athlete LeBron James, in which she told the NBA star to stop talking politics and "shut up and dribble" (a reference to her 2003 book "Shut Up & Sing").

Taking to Twitter mere hours after he was publicly (and embarrassingly) fired from Barstool Sports in a video posted online, Rapaport attacked Ms. Ingraham's looks and skin color, and made graphic, derogatory, sexual remarks.

Apparently the actor's video post was made as some sort of defense of James.

“Apologizing to all the women I’m sure this may offend but this had to be done. Please forgive me,” wrote Rapaport in a caption on the video. "Laura Ingraham is a true stunt."

"This is for Laura Ingraham, the cock-eyed Fox News commentator with the Bobby Brown jaw who said that [Kevin Durant] and LeBron James should just shut up and dribble: No cluckhead, you shut up and dribble ... deez nuts, b****. You mayonnaise-eating, melba toast no seasoning on your chicken cracker. Your butt is so flat that when you stand up you could see your entire a******."

"I’m sorry ladies, I warned you at the top," he said.

“You little stunt, you. Your lord and savior Donald Trump wouldn’t even grab you by the p****. If he did he’d probably get his fingers caught in a mousetrap,” continued Rapaport. “You went to college, Laura, and you’re proud of that, and what do you got to show for it? A mouth full of fake teeth, a face full of Botox and some dry-ass hair extensions. And you still never got f***ed right, you little jumpoff.”

"'Shut up and dribble,' get the f*** out of here," he ended the unhinged rant.

Earlier in the day, Rapaport was deservedly fired in humiliating fashion from Barstool Sports after he decided to slander Barstool Sports fans, telling them they're "lost in life."

“You fired f***. Of course you’re fired, Rapaport, what the f—k did you think was gonna happen?” said Barstool founder Dave Portnoy in a video he posted to Twitter on Sunday morning. “I never fire people. I’m firing someone before I’ve gotten out of bed. ... Just f***ing keep your mouth shut sometimes.”


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