According to a new New York Times tax cut poll, a majority of Americans now officially approve of "Armageddon" and appreciate those "crumbs" their employers are giving them.

Back in December, Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi infamously warned Americans that the Republicans' $1.5 trillion tax cut would be "the end of the world."

"The debate on health care is life, death. This is Armageddon," a frantic Pelosi told the press about the Republicans' tax bill. "This is a very big deal, because you know why? There's really a very hard way to come back from this."

Even after "the end of the world" came and went, and millions of Americans had already begun to enjoy the tax breaks, Pelosi scoffed at the "crumbs" hundreds of businesses across the country were handing to employees via bonuses, wage increases and other benefits.

But the numbers never lie, and more and more of the 80% of Americans who will ultimately see more money in their wallets because of the tax reform bill are realizing that the Democrats and the left-leaning media sold them a bill of goods on the allegedly apocalyptic tax law.

The Times reports that 51% of Americans now approve of the GOP's new tax law; 46% now disapprove. The poll (conducted Feb 5-11) shows a 5% increase in approval since January and a dramatic 14% increase since December, when Trump signed the Republican-crafted bill into law.

Though Survey Monkey's chief research officer, Jon Cohen, noted to the Times that the bill still isn't that popular, he admitted that public opinion is "moving in the direction" of the GOP bill and is "dramatically different" since some of its changes have gone into effect.

"This isn’t a problem yet for Democrats, but the movement isn’t a positive one," said Cohen.

What is worse news for the Democrats is that, as the Times poll shows, only a third of the respondents actually expect to receive a tax cut, when in reality, about 80% will see savings. In other words, Democrats should expect approval of the Republican-passed, Trump-approved comprehensive tax reform bill to continue to rise as more people experience its benefits firsthand.

Republicans are quite aware that the polls are "moving in the direction" of their bill. In fact, they've already begun capitalizing on Pelosi's notorious "crumbs" comment:

H/T John Sexton