Leftist Lawyer Spreads Epic Lie About Guns And Voting. Internet Swats Her Down.

On Monday, a St.Louis, Missouri leftist lawyer who describes herself as “America’s go-to expert, host, author and commentator on compelling legal, political, women’s, children’s and celebrity issues,” and has appeared on various networks, including CNN and ABC News, decided to tweet a massive lie comparing the need for an I.D. to vote with the need for an I.D. to buy a gun.

Areva Martin had already attacked the GOP in the wake of the Florida school shooting, tweeting this last Friday:

But on Monday, she ratcheted up her rhetoric to a new zenith with this tweet:

Martin’s perch on top of her sky-high soapbox was briefer than a Michael Moore diet, as she was walloped with facts from people all across the country:


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